Phisical Vapour Deposition

Trendy finishes and refined nuances that arouse new sensations,
convey style and personalise the mise-en-place.
The range of special finishes can be applied, other than cutlery, to holloware products as well,
creating contemporary taste combinations.
Matching finishes and colours you can customise your style, enchancing it with new looks and unusual effects.

The PVD (Phisical Vapour Deposition) technique allows
to deposit a high-thickness metal film with remarkable characteristics
from the decorative and technical point of view. Such process
makes the product treated durable in time and gives high surface
hardness. The item turns resistant to solvents, acids and toa various
products used in the kitchen, keeping its chemical/physical characteristics
unchanged. It is a thoroughly biocompatible, anallergic treatment
and suitable for food contact.

Opacity, scratches and marks
intentionally made on the surface of the
cutlery with a Vintage finish give the effect
of objects that have been used for a
long time, of a large, warm and steamy
kitchen filled with aromas, of the friendly
gatherings of old good times and ancient
flavours. They evoke images of traditional,
simple environments with no intention to
be modern.

Polvere di Luna
The Polvere di Luna finish makes
cutlery surface look satin-like and
delicately brilliant: a smooth surface with
contrasting shades. Pleasant and velvety
to the touch, the cutlery so treated convey
a softness and warmth unusual for steel
objects. A sober and unusual coating for
contemporary cutlery.

This superficial effect, typically
used in the interior architecture, is characterized
by the presence of numerous
and very light longitudinal scratches; it
adds to the metal a veiled and bright appearance
at the same time, bestowing to
the objects it covers an aspect of measured
brilliance, of non-glowing steel. For
tools that evoke northern design.