Gualtiero Marchesi

The collection was born from an idea by the Maestro, combining design and function with a new element: each piece of cutlery has a specifc use.

The risotto spoon in order to taste, at last, the sauce as well. The spaghetti spoon and fork, a modern and fashionable couple. The tongs that allow to savor hors d’oeuvres and fried food without piercing them.

The steak set with the famous two-prong fork and the rigorously scalpel-shaped steak knife, in order not to fray the meat.
The ambidextrous fish knife, created to meet with the needs of a left-handed person and divide the fish with just one touch.

The philosophy that inspired the design of the series is the one of the chopstick. Handles and knobs are actually references to the famous Japanese object, while bowl and prongs maintain, in their lines, all the rich gastronomic Italian tradition.

Gualtiero Marchesi